The Truth About Vitamin E by Dr Barrie

The Truth About Vitamin E by Dr Barrie

Vitamin E has long been celebrated for its antioxidant power and role in maintaining health. However, its intricate inner workings remain less well understood than first imagined. Renowned nutritional scientist Dr. Barrie sheds light on these truths by exploring EAnnatto Tocotrienols DeltaGold® specifically.

Originating from Annatto beans, EAnnatto is an exceptional form of Vitamin E packed with delta and gamma-tocotrienols that stand apart from its more commonly known cousins. Join Dr. Barrie as we discover its remarkable capabilities through this exploration into its multidimensional nature and groundbreaking potential of EAnnatto.

Understanding Vitamin E: Roles and Types

Vitamin E, an essential nutrient for overall health, comes in various forms and has different functions. Its primary use is as an antioxidant - protecting cells against oxidative damage to ensure healthy skin, eyes, and immune function. 

Here is more about Vitamin E forms and roles. 

Different Forms of Vitamin E

Vitamin E activity has four isoforms of Tocopherols: alpha-, beta-, gamma-, and delta-tocopherol, and four isoforms of Tocotrienols: alpha-, beta-, gamma-, and delta.  

Annatto-derived Tocotrienol is the purest form of vitamin E. This plant generates the most potent vitamin E to protect the carotene from degradation. Research has proven that the Annatto plant is 25% tocopherol and 50% tocotrienol. T3 contains triple bonds, which function fifty times faster on any cell with the ability of larger jurisdiction.

Key Differences Between Tocotrienols and Tocopherols 

Let us examine some of the significant key differences between Tocopherols and Tocotrienols. 

  • Tocotrienols have shorter tails that do not anchor deeply into the cell.
  • Tocotrienols have smaller heads, and Delta-Tocotrienol has the smallest.
  • Tocotrienols have unsaturated tails, and tocopherols have saturated tails.
  • Alpha-tocopherol is unique because it has an alpha- (alpha-tocopherol transfer protein) and protects from oxidation.

The Annatto Advantage: A Natural Powerhouse of Tocotrienols

Annatto is a natural remedy made from seeds from an achiote tree native to South American tropical regions and distinguished for its exceptional composition. Annatto stands out in particular due to its rare concentration of tocotrienols, particularly delta and gamma forms, which are difficult to find elsewhere in nature.

Annatto belongs to the Vitamin E family and is known for its powerful antioxidant properties. Its significance lies in its natural, unadulterated form, delivering these vital nutrients.

Introducing EAnnatto

EAnnatto, made from Annatto beans, is an excellent source of tocotrienols - particularly Delta-Tocotrienol - which stands out for its effectiveness. EAnnatto offers numerous health benefits thanks to this potency source of Vitamin E, which is extracted in an eco-friendly process using solvent-free extraction.

EAnnatto Tocotrienols DeltaGold®: Purity in Extraction

EAnnatto Tocotrienols DeltaGold® is an exceptional extract showcasing all Annatto has to offer. DeltaGold's extraction process has been meticulously tailored to maintain Tocotrienol purity and potency - using a patented solvent-free process; this premium extract guarantees its final product is free from unwanted compounds such as alpha-tocopherol commonly found in other Vitamin E sources.

Pure tocotrienols ensure superior quality and enhance their bioavailability and efficacy. As a result, we now have a supplement that delivers tocotrienols concentrated in an easily absorbable form that provides all their health benefits in ways few other sources can match.

Barrie's Insights on Delta-Tocotrienol

Dr. Barrie stands out in the field of Vitamin E research with his unique and profound understanding of Delta-Tocotrienol, an antioxidant present in EAnnatto Tocotrienols DeltaGold®. Delta-Tocotrienol is increasingly recognized for its potential health benefits compared with more commonly recognized forms of Vitamin E, such as Alpha Tocotrienol.

Dr. Barrie's research highlights the special properties of Delta-Tocotrienol. He highlights its powerful antioxidant capabilities that surpass those of other Vitamin E forms, making Delta-Tocotrienol especially relevant to cellular health, where it has proven superior protection against oxidative stress, an important contributor to aging and chronic illness.

His research into Delta-Tocotrienol's impact on cardiovascular health is of particular significance given the increasing prevalence of heart-related ailments. According to his insights, this form of Vitamin E could assist with cholesterol management while improving overall heart well-being - something especially noteworthy considering this rise.

Dr. Barrie also underscores the potential of Delta-Tocotrienol to support immune function and reduce inflammation, leading to his belief that this compound could play a crucial role in creating new therapeutic approaches for various health conditions.

Also, the insights provide us with an appreciation of Delta-Tocotrienol concerning Vitamin E research as a whole, enhancing our knowledge and opening new paths toward its application in health and wellness.

With this research and knowledge, he has found the Truth about Vitamin E and how it can be useful for different conditions. 

Delta-Tocotrienol: A Superior Antioxidant

Delta-Tocotrienol from Annatto stands out for its superior antioxidant properties, surpassing alpha-tocopherol. This form of Vitamin E is recognized for addressing oxidative stress as one of the major contributing factors to chronic diseases.

Unlike tocopherols, which interfere with statins that reduce cholesterol, Delta-Tocotrienol does not interfere with their action - making it an attractive supplement for heart health.

Unique Benefits of Delta-Tocotrienol

Delta-Tocotrienol stands out among Vitamin E forms due to its unique effects on cholesterol synthesis and arterial health, specifically, its impact on total and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels while having little impact on HDL (good cholesterol). 

Furthermore, Delta-Tocotrienol exhibits promising benefits in cancer research.[1] It has shown a potential to halt the progression of certain cancer cells where other forms of Vitamin E fall short of effectiveness.

Recommended Dosages

Finding an optimal dosage of EAnnatto Tocotrienols DeltaGold® is key to realizing its health benefits while remaining safe, and individual health needs and conditions should be considered when recommending its use. Individual needs vary, as do recommended amounts. When making decisions on appropriate amounts for EAnnatto Tocotrienols DeltaGold®, consult with healthcare providers so you can tailor them according to personal health needs and goals.

Safety Concerns and Interactions

Though EAnnatto Tocotrienols DeltaGold® is generally considered safe, understanding its interactions and safety issues is vital for informed usage. Users should also note any possible interactions with medications or supplements they take. Particular consideration should be paid to blood-thinner medications, as higher doses of Vitamin E could enhance their effects. 

Consideration should also be given to any preexisting medical conditions, particularly those related to liver and kidney function since these organs are essential in breaking down supplements. Regular monitoring and consultation by healthcare providers are recommended to ensure safe and potent usage of EAnnatto Tocotrienols DeltaGold®.


As this examination of Vitamin E, particularly EAnnatto Tocotrienols DeltaGold®, guided by Dr. Barrie's insights, has shown, its multiple benefits and complexities are revealed. Gaining more knowledge of Delta-Tocotrienol from Annatto provides insight into its beneficial properties for health. 

Understanding its advantages helps us gain a more in-depth appreciation of Vitamin E's role. Informed choices in nutrition and supplementation must be made carefully while following medical advice to maximize benefits while safeguarding safety. 

Hopefully, you have now gained insights into the Truth about Vitamin E with this write-up. 

Disclaimer: These statements have not been assessed by the FDA. The information contained within this page is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace the advice or attention of health care professionals.


  1. Rajasinghe LD, Pindiprolu RH, Gupta SV. Delta-tocotrienol inhibits non-small-cell lung cancer cell invasion via the inhibition of NF-κB, uPA activator, and MMP-9. OncoTargets and therapy. 2018 Jul 24:4301-14.
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