Our Story

Wellness Extract (WE), is a Canadian healthcare and family-owned company committed to bridge the gap between premium healthcare and individuals. The constant efforts to create and develop top-class healthcare products, support our vision of authentic global healthcare.

Wellness Extract was founded with the sole purpose of making premium healthcare accessible to everyone, locally and globally.

Meet our founder

Viren Dass is the founder and director of Wellness Extract, who truly believes that authentic healthcare is the need of the hour. Tracing the roots back to the foundation of Wellness Extract, Viren was introduced into the healthcare world not by choice but by chance. His mother was diagnosed with Cancer in 2015 and Viren was keen on supporting her ongoing treatment with natural health supplements.

His search for impactful natural products led him to meeting the renowned scientist and health expert, Dr. Barrie Tan. Under his guidance and learning in depth about the research conducted on Vitamin E Tocotrienols, Viren decided to add Deltagold Tocotrienols in his mother’s routine.Over the course of just several months, she experienced her health parameters improve drastically along with the ongoing cancer treatment. (Note: This is based on our own experience with this product. Results will vary person-to-person).Upon witnessing these results, Viren was truly amazed. This realization made it clear to him that he wanted to dedicate the rest of his life helping others the same way he was able to help his mom. His efforts also made it clear that with an open mind and willingness, anything is possible. Viren decided to switch careers from a VFX artist to his new dream of spreading knowledge about niche health care supplements and working towards making them available globally.The launch of Wellness Extract with the support of Dr Barrie Tan was a milestone accomplishment for Viren. What started as a small company with humble beginnings, WE are growing everyday as a united family of the Wellness Extract team and its trusted customers from all over the world!

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Our Goals


‘शरीर इन्द्रिये सत्व आत्मा
समयोगे धारी जीवितम् इति आयु:|

- चरक संहिता (सू .1.42)

‘Life is the conjunction of the body, mind, senses and soul. True health is the perfect balance of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.’

- An Ayurveda proverb from Charak Samhita (Su.1.42).


Our Commitment

WE are committed to strengthen the pillars of good health with our best quality dietary health supplements. We strive to create a breakthrough in the healthcare and wellness industry by creating a complete range of affordable, innovative, and science based health supplements.

Our sole mission is to empower people to take charge of their own health and well-being and live their best lives.

Our Values


Our evidence-based solutions not only help ailing patients but also are a stepping stone for preventive healthcare.


We have an expert team which is dedicated to answer any queries and make your experience hassle-free.


Our company is customer-centric and we strive to provide the best possible customer care.

Our Team

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Mr. Virender Dass

Founder And CEO
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Dr. Barrie Tan

Member of Scientific Advisory Board
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Dr. Sachin

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Mr. Akshit

Logistics Lead
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Ms. Upasana

Customer Relations Manager