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Natural source of Vitamin E Tocotrienols

Vitamin E consists of two main groups: Tocotrienols and Tocopherols. Both contain 4 isomers each - Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. There are many foods from which we are able to fulfil our mixed Tcopherols intake. However, Tocotrienols are a bit more complicated to replenish. Based on Dr. Barrie Tan’s research, Gamma and Delta Tocotrienols are far more superior than the other Vitamin isomers due to their size, shape and miraculous antioxidant properties. Tocotrienols may be 50 TIMES more potent than Tocopherols based on their molecular structure alone.

In 2003, the Annatto plant became the only known plant-based source of active Delta and Gamma Tocotrienols which makes Annatto a supreme source of this powerful antioxidant. Annatto is a condiment derived from the seeds of the plant known as Achiote or Bixa orellana. It is commonly used as a natural food coloring agent that gives yellow or orange color to food products such as dairy products, baked goods, breakfast cereals etc. The color of Annatto comes from various carotenoid pigments, mainly Bixin and Norbixin, found in the reddish waxy coating of the seeds.


The secret of Amazon

Around 3 decades ago, a groundbreaking discovery was made, by accident. In search of something else, Dr. Barrie Tan - The leading scientist and researcher couldn't help but notice this beautiful and vibrant plant during his visit to the forests of South America. This was the Annatto Plant or Bixa Orellana. This plant turned out to be truly magical as its different properties came to surface. It is already known for its medicinal capabilities since ancient times.

After further studies and research of this magnificent find, Dr. Tan discovered that there are even more unique properties of the Annatto plant that could potentially be life-changing. The first natural molecule that Dr. Tan extracted turned out to be the purest form of Vitamin E! Annatto is the first source which contains only Tocotrienols (specific part of Vitamin E). Dr. Tan soon realized that this was just the beginning. Another major component extracted from the Annatto seeds is called Geranylgeraniol (GG).

GG is an endogenous nutrient in our body that declines due to age and/or pharmaceutical drugs (cholesterol-lowering statins in particular). The reason why this nutrient is essential is because it is the building block for protein synthesis and the production of testosterone, progesterone, CoQ10 and MK4. Dr. Tan has been able to extract two major nutrients - Tocotrienols (Eannatto DeltaGold) and Geranylgeraniol (GG-Essential GG-Gold).

This is just the beginning of the different layers to Annatto’s healing nature. DeltaGold and GG-Gold have already helped thousands of individuals live healthier lives. There is a third formulation called Duo-Quinol which is a unique blend of GG-Gold and Ubiquinol (activated form of CoQ10). All three formulations are revolutionary in healthy aging and are creating huge wages in the nutrition world.

Dr. Barrie Tan

(PhD. in Chemistry)
Scientist. Researcher. Innovator.

Dr. Barrie Tan is the world's leading research scientist and expert on Vitamin E. His passion led him to the discovery of Tocotrienols from Rice, Palm and Annatto. Dr. Tan has spent over 35 years studying and understanding plant based sources of Vitamin E, and his discovery of the superior most form of Vitamin E has added another feather to his cap.

Dr. Tan likes to mention the Annatto as ‘One Plant Wonder’ as it is the purest source of the most potent form of antioxidant - Tocotrienol. He not only discovered the source, but also developed an affordable and eco-friendly method to extract the Tocotrienols from the Annatto plant. Currently Tocotrienols have been studied and used in various health conditions such as Cardiovascular health, Metabolic disorders, Bone health and most importantly in Cancer studies. Various clinical studies have proven the benefits of Tocotrienols, especially over Tocopherols.

Eannatto - Vitamin E can not get better than this!

What is it?

Did you know that Vitamin E is responsible for the overall protection of our cells? We obtain a certain group of Vitamin E called Tocopherols from various foods. However, the other group of Vitamin E known as Tocotrienols are not as easily obtained. Recent studies by the foremost expert on Vitamin E –Dr. Barrie Tan– suggests that Tocotrienols are 50 TIMES more powerful and effective than Tocopherols. Tocotrienols have been therapeutically proven to be more beneficial than Tocopherols due to their smaller molecular structure which increases its mobility and agility within the body. In 2003, the only known source of PURE Tocotrienols (NO Tocopherols) was found by Dr. Tan: the Annatto Plant.

How can it help me?

Annatto derived Tocotrienols are clinically proven to be the best source of Vitamin E. Tocotrienols have countless health benefits, to name a few, cardiovascular health, skin health, metabolic health, and bone health. Our Eannatto products are the very same plant-derived Tocotrienols extracted from Annatto, using the sustainable extraction method curated by Dr. Barrie Tan who received the first ever Annatto patent for a unique extraction technique in 2002. His method is free of any harsh chemicals, synthetic solvents, or any petrochemicals. Eannatto Delta Gold Tocotrienols are the best and most superior form of Vitamin E, which is 100% Tocopherol free. Moreover, our Eannatto products have the most active antioxidant molecules of 90% Delta and 10% Gamma Tocotrienols.

Get 50 TIMES more effective results with Eannatto Tocotrienols DeltaGold. Now available in 125 mg and 300 mg softgels.*

GG-Essential - Supports Healthy Aging

What is it?

Geranylgeraniol (GG) is an endogenous compound naturally made in 30 parts of the human body by the same mevalonate biochemical pathway that synthesizes cholesterol, Vitamin K2, steroid hormones and ubiquinone (CoQ10). GG is an essential building block that supports muscle health, bone health, hormone regulation and CoQ10 synthesis.

How can it help me?

As we age, the levels of GG begin to decline and additional supplementation is required to maintain the physiological functions and energy levels. GG occurs naturally in various foods, but the majority is synthesized endogenously. Production of GG can decline naturally due to age and is also inhibited by use of certain pharmaceutical drugs, namely, statins and bisphosphonates. By replenishing natural levels, GG can help reduce the risk of age-related physical decline, maintain structural support for the body and promote healthy muscle strength and function.

Bio-Qunol - Advanced Ubiquinol

What is it?

The first bioavailable CoQ10 supplement that not only contains ubiquinol, but also Geranylgeraniol (GG), which makes it a powerful health supplement: Bio-Qunol. This advanced supplement contains the natural, active form of COQ10, known as Ubiquinol and is additionally enriched with annatto-derived Geranylgeraniol (GG) which is essential for improving cardiovascular health. This unique blend of Ubiquinol, GG and Vitamin C supports heart health and boosts cellular energy production. Ubiquinol is the only fat-soluble antioxidant form of CoQ10, naturally produced in humans which gradually declines as we age. Bio-Qunol supplement has the active molecule Ubiquinol which is obtained as a result of a redox reaction with improved bioavailability. GG is a structural component of CoQ10 molecule and helps in optimal synthesis and maintaining health. Vitamin C in addition to GG helps in the transformation of CoQ10 for better and improved absorption.

How can it help me?

This dual formulation is an extremely advantageous supplement. Its main benefits include:

• Supplementation for Geranylgeraniol (GG)

• Activates Natural CoQ10 Production

• Enhanced Cellular Absorption

• Supports Muscle Function & Strength

• Supports Statin Users Nutritional Needs

These Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information contained within this website is for educational purposes only, not a replacement for any medical advice or attention of the healthcare professional.

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