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Our Coffee enema products have coffee specifically made for enemas which is completely mold-free, chemical- free and fungus-free; hence more exclusive than any store-bought coffee. The beans are cleaned thoroughly to avoid any impurity entering the body.

Key Features


Coffee Enemas are a popular and sought-after traditional remedy for natural detoxification. This environmental toxin build-up is instantly removed with regular use of coffee enema to cleanse the colon as well as the liver.


Coffee contains palmitic acid. Palmitic acid is important in detoxifying the liver because it increases glutathione S-transferase. The ingredients of coffee called Theophylline and Theobromine dilate the blood vessels in the liver and counter the inflammation in the gut. So, it is the S-transferase that removes the toxins from the blood.


Our Coffee enema products have coffee specifically made for enemas which are completely mold-free, hence more exclusive than any store-bought coffee. The beans are cleaned thoroughly to avoid any impurity entering the body.


Beans are roasted on a tilted bed at higher temperatures. Instead of a rotating drum, beans are constantly mixed by the flow of hot air under high pressure, roasting each bean evenly. We deliver the cleanest coffee with the highest compounds necessary to stimulate the liver bile ducts for detoxification without any carcinogens.


Enemas help to detoxify the GI tract and increase absorption. The toxin load of the body reduces along with improving immunity and a feeling of rejuvenation.


Wellness Extract Enema Coffee is an USDA certified organic enema specific coffee. It has specialty grade, air-roasted ground coffee beans that are completely mold and fungus free. Air roasting eliminates dust and chaff to make the purest form of coffee suitable especially for enema therapy.

Enema Coffee is available in three different roast levels, that meets the individual needs for detoxification.

MEDIUM ROASTED for beginners to advanced, those who practice enema therapy regularly

LIGHT ROASTED for a slightly stronger detoxification

ULTRA LIGHT ROASTED for healthy advanced users, but not recommended for frail or elderly.

Coffee Enemas are similar to water enemas in terms of administration, but the main difference being water enemas work well just for relieving constipation, whereas coffee enemas reach up to the bile duct and cleanse the liver from toxins. These toxins are the primary cause of illness in the body, and they come in various forms such as insecticides sprayed on crops, antibiotics or hormones in meat, car exhaust fumes, PFC from non-stick cookware are just to name a few environmental toxins. Coffee enemas help to remove this toxin build-up in the body being a natural cleanser and detoxifier.

Coffee enema is recommended to cleanse the colon and improve gut health. It also improves the natural movement of the colon known as peristaltic movement which induces proper GI tract functions. Coffee enemas should be done under supervision if you are a beginner, followed by taking a probiotic supplement and restoring the electrolytes.

Directions for Use

Wellness Extract Enema Coffee is available in three different roasted forms, but the process to make the decoction for the enema process is the same.

How to use the Enema Coffee-
Add distilled water to a pot in suggested quantity (4 cups is ideal), avoid using aluminium pot. Add 3 tablespoons of Wellness Extract Enema Coffee and stir it. Boil this mixture for 5 minutes on a high flame, followed by simmering it on a lower flame for 12-15 minutes. Turn off the heat and let the mixture cool to a normal room temperature. Strain with a fine mesh strainer and use for enema.

Our products are not a replacement to any of the prescription medications nor do we claim to cure any medical condition. We recommend you to consult your health practitioner before starting new supplements, especially if you are pregnant, lactating or on any prescription medications.

If you have any questions, please contact us at CUSTOMER CARE

Nutritional Information

Contains Organic Coffee

Palmitic Acid

FAQ about Eannatto

  • What is Enema Coffee? Is it the same as store-bought coffee?
    Enema Coffee is a speciality ground coffee which is very different from a regular store-bought coffee. The difference is in the cleanliness of the coffee as enema coffee directly reaches the gut and liver.
  • Why use a special enema coffee for enema therapy?
    Enema therapy coffee should have a high cafestol, that is a diterpene compound present in the coffee that is needed to reach the bile ducts for an optimum detox.
  • What is Air-roasting?
    Air-roasting is a special process that removes the dust and chaff from the coffee beans. This process is different from regular drum-roasting as it removes the skin of the coffee bean through use of air with high speed, similar to popping corns unlike drum-roasting with heat. It makes the coffee much cleaner and safe for internal use.
  • What is the shelf-life of Wellness Extract Enema Coffee?
    Wellness Extract Enema coffee retains 100% of its cafestol and palmitic acid content for at least 8 months and up to 2 years.
  • Which roast should I choose if I am trying the Coffee enema for the first time?
    For beginners, Medium Roasted coffee is recommended as it is mild. The lighter the colour of the coffee, the stronger the caffeine content.
  • What is the frequency of doing a coffee enema?
    It is subjective to the person and the health condition. The frequency may range between once a month or twice a week or even once a day! It depends on the health status of the individual taking the enema or as recommended by their healthcare practitioner.
  • Do I need any supplements after taking coffee enema?
    Coffee enemas may upset the PH balance as they detoxify the colon and liver. A probiotic may be useful but not necessary after enema therapy. A healthy diet is highly recommended.
  • Do coffee enemas disturb the natural electrolyte balance in the body?
    Coffee enemas may upset the PH and electrolyte levels in the body as the detoxification is instant. A supplement rich in natural Humic and Fulvic minerals such as Wellness Extract CellDtox is recommended to restore the PH balance and electrolytes.
  • What is the difference between water enema and coffee enema?
    Water enemas helps to relieve constipation and keeps the colon clean. Coffee enemas help in toxin removal and improve gut health and absorption of nutrients.
  • What are the benefits of coffee enema therapy?
    Coffee enemas are a natural means of detox. They improve gut health, cleanse the liver and colon, improve peristalsis, reduce inflammation and promote a healthy digestive system. The benefits range from pain management to aiding weight loss.
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