Coffee Enema

Coffee Enema - Natural Detox made easy!

Coffee Enemas are a popular and sought-after traditional remedy for a natural detoxification.This environmental toxin build-up is instantly removed with regular use of coffee enema to cleanse the colon as well as the liver. Coffee contains palmitic acid. Palmitic acid is important in detoxifying the liver because it increases glutathione S-transferase.The ingredients of coffee called Theophylline and Theobromine dilate the blood vessels in the liver and counter the inflammation in the gut. So, it is the S-transferase that removes the toxins from the blood

Wellness Extract Coffee Enema

Our Coffee Enema products - USDA certified Roasted blends

Our Coffee enema products have coffee specifically made for enemas which is completely mold free, hence more exclusive than any store bought coffee. The beans are cleaned thoroughly to avoid any impurity entering the body.

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