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We have enlisted all the ingredients that go into our products. Read more to know more about their origin and health benefits. Moreover, we have also compiled common abbreviations, scientific terms and other commercially available ingredients. This page is a work in progress and will keep updating as we continue to add more products on our website.

Annatto Plant

Annatto is a condiment derived from the seeds of the plant known as Achiote. It is commonly used as a natural food coloring agent that gives yellow or orange color to food products such as dairy products, baked goods, breakfast cereals etc. Annatto is also used as an Industrial food coloring agent.

A hidden secret of the Amazonians, Annatto is a native plant to the tropical regions from Mexico to Brazil with abundant health benefits. The color of Annatto comes from various carotenoid pigments, mainly Bixin and Norbixin, found in the reddish waxy coating of the seeds. The part of the plant that is used for therapeutic purposes is the seed which contains natural oils. The oils are extracted using conventional methods of obtaining vegetable oils. Annatto has recently been used for its high antioxidant value as a superior health supplement of Vitamin E and a natural source of GeranylGeraniol.

Health Benefits

Natural source of Vitamin E Tocotrienols and GeranylGeraniol, a natural potent antioxidant, promotes healthy cardiovascular and metabolic functions.

Products containing Annatto

Eannatto Deltagold Tocotrienols & GG Essential    

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an essential micronutrient to create and sustain human life. A truly powerful fat-soluble cell antioxidant, it is a strong protector against free radicals.

There are eight distinct isomers categorized under Tocopherols (T) and Tocotrienols (T3) with Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma variants respectively in both T and T3. The defense mechanism of Vitamin E protects 95% of lipid cells from oxidative damage. 

Vitamin E can be consumed through food and dietary supplements. The best source of Vitamin E is vegetable oils such as sunflower oil, wheatgerm oil, nuts and seeds such as almonds, sunflower seeds etc. These foods contain Alpha Tocopherol, which is also the most commercially available Vitamin E. Ironically it is the least effective as a therapeutic health supplement, as recent studies suggest

However, the most potent and advanced form of Vitamin E known as Tocotrienols have been discovered by Dr. Barrie Tan comes from natural plant-based sources, such as Rice, Palm and Annatto, out of which Annatto is the only source which contains only Delta and Gamma variants of Tocotrienols and is 100% Tocopherol free.

Health Benefits

Powerful antioxidant, promotes healthy cellular function, protects cells from oxidative damage, benefits skin and hair, improves cognition and neurological function. 

Vitamin E Deficiency

Causes of Vitamin E deficiency: Vitamin E deficiency through poor nutrition is less common in healthy and young individuals, it is often seen in genetic conditions, or premature birth. It can be due to certain chronic conditions or absorption difficulties.

Signs of Vitamin E deficiency: Muscle weakness, slow reflexes, poor immunity and absorption. 

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 Products containing Vitamin E 

 Eannatto Deltagold Tocotrienols 


Tocotrienols are one of the eight isomers of the Vitamin E family. They protect the cells by playing an integral role in transportation of cholesterol throughout the body. Tocotrienols help in the repair and formation of new body cells. Tocotrienols are the most superior form of Vitamin E, and their discovery from the Annatto plant makes them a powerful natural antioxidant. 

Natural plant-based sources of Tocotrienols include Rice, Palm and Annatto. Rice and Palm only contain 50% of Tocotrienols along with Tocopherols, whereas Annatto is the only Tocopherol free natural source with 90% Delta and 10% Gamma Tocotrienols. Annatto-derived tocotrienols are the most powerful source of vitamin E as they do not contain any alpha-tocopherols, which research has shown to interfere with the functions and benefits of tocotrienols. For maximum strength, vitamin E should contain less than 10% alpha-tocopherol. Only the annatto plant provides such a combination naturally.

Tocotrienols have a shorter and smaller molecular structure as compared to Tocopherols, so they are able to move faster and cover almost 50x more cellular area and protect more cells. This puts Tocotrienols at a better place to penetrate into more cells. They are used exclusively as a health supplement rather than mixing them with alpha tocopherols, which is shown to lower the therapeutic benefits of Tocotrienols.Tocopherols are consumed through food and excess is removed out of the body, hence supplementing with Alpha Tocopherols will not be beneficial. Their larger molecular size even inhibits the absorption of Tocotrienols. This is why the absence of Tocopherols is important in an effective Vitamin E supplement.Studies have shown the therapeutic benefits of Tocotrienols for our foundational health. 

Health Benefits

Potent Antioxidant, helps reduce triglycerides, improves cholesterol synthesis, reduces adipose/fat storage, reduces inflammation, improves cognitive function, maintains healthy sugar levels. Tocotrienols also improve bone health, cardiovascular health, skin health and metabolic health. 

Products containing Tocotrienols

Eannatto Delta Gold Tocotrienols

Bovine Colostrum

Colostrum is the fluid produced by the mother’s mammary glands before she begins actual lactation. It can be termed as a pre-milk fluid which contains natural antibodies and is essential for ensuring the health and vitality of the newborn. In Humans it is produced 72 hours after birth and in Bovine/Cows it starts almost right after birth.

Colostrum is basically food, which makes it safe to consume. It is in fact one of the few foods that crosses the blood brain barrier for better cognitive support. 

Bovine Colostrum is known to have tremendous health benefits and it is recommended for all ages as a health supplement. The immune-boosting effects of colostrum are mostly due to its high concentration of the antibodies IgA and IgG. Antibodies are proteins that fight viruses and bacteria.

Research shows that colostrum supplements may be particularly effective in boosting immunity in immuno-compromised individuals as well as high performance athletes. 

Health Benefits

Natural immune support, improves gut health, enriched with immune factors, growth factors, and metabolic factors.

Products containing Colostrum 

Colostrum powder

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Colostrum powder


GG is Geranylgeraniol, an important compound in the biosynthesis of Vitamins E and K. GG is a multifunctional molecule that serves numerous vital functions throughout the body, including support in muscle and bone health, hormone synthesis, energy production in the form of ATP and CoQ10 production.GG’s biochemical role as an integral component of vitamin MK-4 shows its ability to support healthy aging.

As we age, the levels of GG begin to decline in our body. To replenish these levels, a supplement of GG is recommended after the age of 40. GG is also known to mitigate the side effects of Statins, and support healthy aging significantly.GG does not interfere with Statin’s cholesterol lowering actions, rather it minimizes the side effects from prolonged statin therapy. GG is derived from the Annatto plant, which is a natural source of Vitamin E Tocotrienols as well. GG is an essential building block that supports various functions, among the most important include maintenance of skeletal muscles and CoQ10 synthesis. 

Health Benefits

Improves cardiovascular health, compliments statin therapy, improves muscle health, and regulates hormones.

GG Deficiency

Causes of GG Deficiency:Prolonged statin use, gradual aging. 

Signs of GG Deficiency:Muscle pain, feeling tired and fatigue, lack of energy. 

Products containing GG

GG Essential

Humic & Fulvic Acid

Humic Acid is not just a single acid, but is a broad term that refers to a complex mixture of many organic acids that are soluble in alkaline solutions. They exist naturally as a part of nature’s life cycle in soils, oceans and streams. Humic substances increase the nutrient absorption and regulate the pH. Humic acid is helpful in increasing the absorption of nutrients and may present anti-viral properties. This may help in improving the functions of the immune system and increase immunity overall. 

Health Benefits

Removes toxins, promotes cellular level detox, increase nutrient absorption, improves gut health

Products containing Humic Acid


Fulvic Acid is a natural compound or group of organic molecules that is obtained from organic matter. They are similar to Humic Acids with a molecular difference of Oxygen and Carbon content. Fulvic acids are rich in oxygen and promote natural detoxification. Fulvic acid may help in blocking reactions in the body that cause allergy symptoms. It might also reduce swelling and inflammation.

Health Benefits

Removes toxins, promotes cellular level detox, increase nutrient absorption, improves gut health.

Products containing Fulvic Acid



 Zeolite is a mineral that is the result of a chemical reaction between volcanic lava and seawater.

 Zeolite in dietary supplements helps balance the pH level and remove heavy metals from the body.

 Zeolite acts as a catalyst and helps to improve chemical reactions in the body that promote better absorption of nutrients.

Historically, zeolite has been used as a commercial absorbent, and more recently in the dietary supplement industry as a detoxifier.  

 Products containing zeolite