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Wellness Extract.

At Wellness Extract (WE), we're driven by passion and purpose. As a Canadian family-owned company, we're committed to bridging the gap between premium healthcare and individuals like you. Because everyone deserves top-tier health and wellness.

We strive to connect you with the best healthcare possible, bridging the gap between premium services and individual needs. Because your health is our heart and soul.

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Dedicated to elevating your health journey with quality, affordable, and innovative dietary supplements.

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Crafting top-quality products that genuinely care for your wellness. Because your health means the world to us.

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Dr. Barrie Tan


Meet Dr. Barrie Tan, a visionary research scientist and the world's foremost authority on Vitamin E. Driven by boundless passion, he uncovered the power of Tocotrienols from Rice, Palm, and Annatto. For over 35 years, Dr. Tan has delved deep into plant-based sources of Vitamin E, and his groundbreaking discovery of the ultimate form of Vitamin E has marked a pinnacle in his illustrious career.

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The things we make are a reflection of who we are.

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Our dedication to quality and purity begins with a dedication to using only the finest ingredients available. Learn about what these amazing ingredients can do for you.


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Best from of Vitamin E at competitive price

Reviewed in the United States on December 4, 2023

Verified Purchase

This is the gold standard and best avaialble tocotrienol in the market, itr is expensive but you get what you pay for and it does last long (for me), another good thing is it is only tocotrienol with no tocopherol unlike some other brands in the market which has both, this is exactly is how it should be as tocopherol inhibit tocotrienol absorption,

Reviewed in the United States on January 27, 2024

Style: 125 MG 60 Softgels

Verified Purchase

This is a fabulous product. It did more than I expected. A week after I started taking Wellness Extract Eannato Vitamin E I had increased energy and focus. I take 2 a day and these benefits have lasted day in and day out. I used to take vitamin E and I knew nothing about tocotrienols or tocepherols. I came across an article on the different forms and the benefits so I found this product. Wow! Amazing!

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